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Chellsey Latham

Chellsey Latham


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Her impressive journey in the real estate industry spans a remarkable 15 years. She embarked on this path by delving into long-term rental management before seamlessly transitioning into short-term property management. With a diverse portfolio, she has not only managed real estate but also ventured into owning and operating a restaurant and various other small businesses. Throughout her career, Chellsey has unwaveringly upheld authenticity and customer service as her core values.
In tandem with her business ventures, she and her husband Bill have enjoyed significant success in flipping homes. Their accomplishments within Latham Co., their construction company, have spanned an impressive 18 years. Originally hailing from New Hampshire, Chellsey established herself as a notable figure in the real estate world. She managed to own a boutique brokerage and orchestrated over $50 million in annual sales.
However, a new opportunity beckoned her from the West. After years of traveling and broadening her horizons, the allure of Utah became irresistible. It was here that she decided to expand her vision and make a significant impact. Today, Chellsey splits her time between Utah and New Hampshire, where she holds dual real estate licenses. Her professional focus lies primarily on the Park City and Salt Lake City areas, ensuring that clients receive top-notch service.
Beyond her real estate career, Chellsey wears multiple hats. She imparts her expertise as a horseback riding instructor at NineAlta Farm in Park City. Furthermore, she is the visionary founder of Park City Famous, an endeavor that showcases her passion for the community. In her leisure hours, she immerses herself in the joys of horseback riding and competes alongside her trusty companion, Quin. Quality time with her husband Bill and their faithful canine companion, Powder, is often spent hiking, skiing, and conquering new heights.
Chellsey's dynamic and multifaceted life is a testament to her dedication to both her career and her personal passions, making her a truly exceptional individual.

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