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Desired Home Styles in Utah

In Utah, the most desirable home styles have varied preferences, reflecting the state's diverse architectural tastes and lifestyle needs...this is one of the great things about real estate here! Personally I love the blend of a craftsman/modern styled home, which seems to be popping up more and more in the marketplace. However, several styles consistently emerge as popular choices among residents:

  1. Craftsman Homes: This style is noted for its detailed woodwork, large front porches, and sturdy construction. Craftsman homes are beloved for their classic look and cozy living spaces which make them a perennial favorite.

  2. Ranch-style Homes: Known for their single-story design and open floor plans, ranch homes are favored for their accessibility and easy indoor-outdoor living. This style’s popularity is driven by its practicality and comfort, particularly suitable for families and older adults seeking a simpler home layout.

  3. Modern and Contemporary Styles: These homes are appreciated for their minimalist aesthetics, clean lines, and emphasis on natural light. The modern and contemporary designs are popular among those who prefer a sleek, innovative home environment that incorporates the latest trends in architecture.

  4. Mediterranean-style Homes: Although more common in warmer states like California and Florida, Mediterranean homes are also admired in Utah for their distinctive features such as stucco walls, red tile roofs, and enclosed courtyards that offer a unique and luxurious living experience.

These preferences highlight a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design that resonates with Utah's varied geographical and cultural landscape. The choice of home style often reflects personal taste as well as practical considerations such as family size, lifestyle, and the natural surroundings​ (Redfin)​​ (Architectural Designs)​​ (House Plans Online)​​ (AHS: Top Home Warranty)​.


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